Solel’s Present & Future

by Arliene Botnick, January 2, 2015

We have just reached the half-way point in our transitional year and we should all take pride in the strength of Solel. We have learned how to transition, and under the capable leadership of Rabbi Bogosian, our synagogue has continued to flourish. Service attendance, special programming, minyanim, dinners have all been well supported.

We are also blessed with the outstanding efforts of our musical staff and volunteers: Ron Miller, Sonja Botnick, Albert Amar, and Jeff Wilkinson.

The Educator’s Discretionary Fund has been used to pay honorariums to our youth music staff, and I’m hoping with your help (i.e. donations to the Educator’s Discretionary Fund) that financial support can continue till the end of June.

As well, we are blessed with the ongoing support of Torah and Haftorah chanters and service leaders (in Rabbi B’s absence), ushers, gabbais, shammases who make sure all services are organized and run smoothly.

And while I’m making a pleas for support for music honoraria, may I also ask for support for our MITY programmes. Youth weekends are quite costly and hopefully every student who wants to attend a MITY event should be able to go (and that often means Educator’s Discretionary support).

During the next 6 months, we will organize music accompaniment, and get volunteer chanters when needed, and of course our services will be led skilfully by our Rabbi. Torah study on Sundays (with Rabbi Bogosian) is continuing as are our Lunch & Learns, Book Reviews and Doing Jewish Course (Arliene).

At the same time, our dedicated transition team is working diligently interviewing potential candidates who are applying to be or permanent Rabbi.

Solel has been, for the past 41 years, a strong and vibrant Jewish Community. We must look to building our future, some raising our roof to beautifying our Sanctuary.

Because of all of you, we will go from “strength to strength” and let us all look forward – for our children and grandchildren – to Solel continuing to be our Jewish community home.

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