A Time to Celebrate (and an opportunity)

by Arliene Botnick, February 5, 2015

As you are aware, Solel will be entering its 43rd year under the leadership of a dynamic musical new Rabbi, Audrey Pollack. Having met Audrey, I am confident that we are truly blessed to have Rabbi Pollack step into our community with such passion and enthusiasm. This marks a new era for Solel and it will be exciting, positive and successful.

Rabbi Pollack seems to capture the “neshama” – the soul of Solel, and is more than willing to nurture and support all that Solel has come to represent. As well, Rabbi Pollack will bring new learning opportunities, new music, new innovations from which we will benefit. The future looks very bright indeed!!

And now, on a different theme, I’d like to extend a special opportunity to any of you who are able. Tuesday at 7:00 am, Solel has a short service (1/2 hr.) followed by a light community breakfast. This service (known as our Minyan, since a minimum of 10 is needed) has been an integral part of Solel for many, many years, but I fear this is a “well kept secret” which I hope will not be “secret” any longer!

Please join us at Minyan if time allows. If you are in Shloshim or it is a Yahrzeit, you will have the opportunity to say a mid week Kaddish. We need you so that we are guaranteed always to have a minimum of 10. See you some Tuesday at 7:00 am.

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