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Waiting to Emerge from the Cave

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, April 29, 2021

As we enter the month of May, we have just passed the holiday of Lag BaOmer on the Jewish calendar. The Omer period itself refers to the 49 days that…

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A Tribute to Great Women, To Our Mothers on Mother’s Day!

by Arliene Botnick, April 29, 2021

Our Tanach is filled with stories of heroism, defiance, dedication, prophetic insight. And although most of these stories are tales of men, we must never forget the role of women…

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Democracy at Work

by Roselyn Allen, April 29, 2021

The old maxim goes that if you put two Jews together to discuss politics you’ll have at least three opinions. As a people, we have never been afraid to argue…

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Guard Your Life Exceedingly

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, April 1, 2021

Dear Solelniks, As Ontario is now in the midst of a third wave of coronavirus infections, we are urging you to register for your vaccine as soon as you are…

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