Thank You to Our Living Torah Project Donors

Solel’s Living Torah Project is grateful to all of our members and others for their generous donations. As we receive donations and confirm sponsorship opportunities all of our donors will be recognized here as well as in a special recognition piece in the synagogue to be unveiled as part of our Solel at 50 celebrations in 2023.

Torah Sponsor

Willis, Gerry & Nancy (זייל) – Thank you to Gerry Willis for providing major seed funding to kick off the Living Torah Project


Mantel: Botnick, Harold & Suse – In honour of the founding members of Solel
Breast Plate: Brown, Joel & Sandra

Special Passages ($5400)

Bayliss, Ann & Zajdman, Michael – In memory of Dr. Fred Bayliss and Abram Zajdman
Englander, Rabbi & Cheryl
Palter, Linda & Phil – In memory of Harvey, Pearl, Beatrice, and Clyde
Skryzlo, Shawna & Smith, Jennifer – In honour of our children, their children, and future generations

Parasha ($3600)

Botnick Family
Brown, Joel & Sandra
Friedman, Jeffrey & Trevisanello, Sonia – In honour of Adam
Hansen, Nicole
Lewson, John & Brenda
Rothschild, Les & Beverley
Shine, Kevin & Cheryl

Verse ($1800)

Smith, Yolande
Tash, Marlene & Denis, Tom – In memory of Simon & Malchen Tachauer and other family members who died in the Holocaust

Phrase ($540)

Consitt, George & Greenberg-Consitt, Bayla and Greenberg, Ted & McKitterick, Linda – In honour of Ruth Greenberg’s 85th birthday
Ostrower, Ruth
Reznik-Haag, Rachel & Carlos – In memory of Jose Reznik
Sage, Linda & Alexander, Hugh – In recognition of Alex’s Bar Mitzvah and our favourite Torah Portion
Van Thyn, Carol & Leo – In memory of Abraham Vanthyn, Clara Vanthyn, Marnie Davidson, and Sylvia Davidson
Zelding, Nelson & Rosalind – On behalf of the Zelding Family

Name ($360)

Ostrower, Ruth

Word ($180)

Brothman Family
Friedman, Jeffrey & Trevisanello, Sonia – In honour of Rabbi Pollack, Arliene, Eleanor, Brad, and Sonja
Reznik-Haag, Rachel & Carlos – In honour of Theo & Liz’s B’nai Mitzvot

Letters ($18 – $72)

Brothman Family
Ellen, Faith – In honour of Rachel on her Bat Mitzvah
Lupu, Barbara & Zigler, Michael – In honour of Melissa & Craig and their new home
Simsilevich, Alexandra & David

Grade 7 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class of 2021

Charli Duchalski & Family
Adam Friedman & Family
Troy Greer & Family
Rhys Hannon & Family
Avi Lewis & Family
Kanaan Pal & Family
Ben Simsilevich & Family
Sylvie Waite & Family
Jeremy Werenich & Family

General Donations

Abrams, Tara
Abtan, Patrick
Adler, Diane & Ralph
Allen, Roselyn & Cerar, Chris
Bass, Brad & Bowden, Chris
Batcher, Karola
Botnick, Arliene
Botnick, Julia
Brothman, Lyse & Stephen
Carnevale, Mark
Dinter, Ginny
Emond, Bill & Josie
Feldman, Gail & Lawrence
Feuer, Jeanette & Sam
Fineman, Barrie & Landstrom-Jaffe, Kristina
Fitzgerald, Linda & Wachman, Jeff
Freedman, Harvey & Marlene
Gareh, Tina
Georgescu, Dan & Galambos, Andrea
Grossman, David & Rita
Haller, Lea
Hannon, Gerry & Linda
Harper, Zachary
Herman, Gavin & Shirley
Katz, Shelley & Steven
Kornbluth, Harriet
Lewis, David & Stoch, Marla
Mazeika, Rasa
Mikhail-Sourial, Adel
Miller, Ron
Pelly, Sandra
Richter, Miriam
Rosengarten, Freda
Schiff, Jessica & Matthew
Sirutis, Rimis & Robin
Skryzlo, Sheldon
Stoch, Eleanor
Stoch, Ester
Stolzman, Lee & Peter
Sufrin, Rochelle
Tamari, Judith
Tortell, Janine & Joseph
Van der Sluis, Arjeh
Van Thyn, Michael
Walters, Linda
Webber, Jocelyn & Kaiser, Jeff
Wierzba, Laila