And Our Goals Are?

by Arliene Botnick, June 29, 2023

We have just completed another Beit Sefer Solel school year. Our students have learned about our holidays, life cycle events, history. They have studied Hebrew, discussed themes in Torah, learned about antisemitism; they have participated in services, led services, chanted from Torah and much, much more. In the fall, on September 10th, classes will resume. So, at this juncture, is it really important that we remind ourselves of the goals of Beit Sefer Solel.

Education obviously means the accumulation of knowledge and, as you can see from what’s been listed, our teachers share a huge amount of knowledge, facts, interpretations. But Religious/Hebrew school has much more to offer. For our students, coming to Beit Sefer Solel may be their only opportunity to interact, talk, associate with other Jewish kids. It is a safe environment in which they can be free to “rejoice” in their Jewish identity, to talk about all the Jewish “stuff” they do. Most of our students have little or no opportunity to share their “Jewish Life” in their public schools. Beit Sefer Solel is the safe place where they can discover the richness of their Jewish heritage. We meet in our shul; the students can see the Torah see the “Klay Kodesh”, the holy objects in our sanctuary; they can walk into a kosher kitchen, and they can see, in our renovated lobby, our “Tattooed Torah” and learn its story.

And threaded through all our programming is the opportunity to teach guidelines, values, mitzvot for living a full, caring, compassionate life. We are hoping to teach our kids “menschlichkeit” – how to be the very best human being possible and teaching “menschlichhkeit” begins with role modelling – not just by our teachers, but by each one of us. It begins with “do as I do” (not just do as I say). Our staff at Beit Sefer Solel are the “unsung heroes” of our shul. They are the support system that will help ensure our Jewish future. They truly are “menschem” and, along with you, the parents, they are helping shape our little “menschem”.

In the fall, we begin Beit Sefer Solel. 5784 will be our New Year. Solel will celebrate its 50th. And our wonderful staff and students will join together to keep Judaism alive and well and vibrant!

Have a great summer to all!

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