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by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, January 20, 2015

Shalom Fellow Solelniks,

Although I will not be arriving in Mississauga until July, I want to introduce myself and my family to you now. I have served in one small, one medium-sized, and one very large congregation in Chicago, Denver, and West Lafayette, lndiana over the past twenty-one years, the past nearly thirteen as the rabbi of Temple lsrael in West Lafayette. I have developed many wonderful relationships and learned many important lessons in each community that have helped me to become the rabbi that I am now.

My own experiences growing up in a congregation where I was encouraged as a teenager to teach, lead services and study, to create programs and projects, and to take leadership, have continued to shape my vision of the synagogue as a community that encourages everyone to participate and to explore, to try out new ideas and to learn together. As a rabbi I have dedicated my life to making that a reality for the community I serve.

Rabbi Pollack & Family 2014

My husband Phil Subeck is a clinical social worker, a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and huge baseball fan, who enjoys cycling and hiking, and looks forward to new friendships and new opportunities in Mississauga. Both Phil and I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago.

Seth will be entering grade 10 when we move to Mississauga. Seth runs cross country, composes electronic dance music, and enjoys improv, acting, and singing in his high school’s acapella group. Seth is very excited about the opportunity to take classes at the Second City in Toronto. He has attended camps at the Second City in Chicago this past year.

Gil will be entering grade 7 next year. He plays drums and percussion, and absolutely loves school. He hopes to be a chef someday. He is proud to already know every Canadian province and territory, and is looking forward to learning French.

Rachel just turned 8 and will be entering grade 3 next year. She loves playing with her dolls, playing with friends, and art. She just started learning ice skating this past year, and she looks forward to continuing to learn in Mississauga.

ln the months ahead I will be saying goodbye to a community and life I have been privileged to lead for the last thirteen years of my rabbinate. My children will miss their home, their community, and their friends in lndiana, but they look forward to new adventures and new friends that await in Mississauga.

My primary goals as I arrive at Solel this summer will be to meet you all and begin building relationships with you, learning even more about what makes Solel such a warm spiritual home, and learning what your hopes and aspirations are for the future of Solel. I am looking forward to meeting each of you, and getting to know you as my family and I make Solel our new home.

I am honoured to be your new rabbi. I look forward to sharing our journey together.

Shalom u’vracha,

Rabbi Audrey S. Pollack

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