We Can’t Say Thanks Enough

by Roselyn Allen, October 29, 2020

There is a saying in fundraising circles that the reason most people don’t give is because…they weren’t asked. And the reason most people give and then don’t repeat the gift is because…they were never thanked.

At Solel we try to say thank you. We acknowledge gifts in the Shammas for those of you who wish to be known. We send thank you cards for contributing to our special funds. But the biggest donations we get each year are from our Membership fees.

I would like to personally thank everyone who sent in their monies this year. A special thanks to those of you who actually managed to start payment in June or any time before the High Holidays (you’re ahead of the game!).

This year, more than ever, we need your support. I’m sure everyone is tired of me saying that COVID19 has minimized our revenue streams as BINGO is not running at its previous capacity, when the building is open. We must thank everyone who answered that call and dedicated a piece of their income to us. We feared what this pandemic would do to us economically, and though we have not reached our income of previous years, and our budget is still in a deficit, we have exceeded our very low expectations of this year. So thank you.

For those members who have been financially affected by COVID19 but who have not reached out to us – yet, please do so. As you have been there to support us, we want to be there for you and are happy to make arrangements as necessary. We are thankful you are part of our community.

This year we had a rather abbreviated High Holiday Appeal. To those of you who donated to Solel’s Tikkun Olam fund, Pathway Development to feed hungry children, our sister congregation Darchei Noam, and ARZA…THANK YOU. If this appeal slipped your mind, feel free to donate to these funds now. Or to any other fund you like.

In conclusion, to everyone who donated membership fees or to our High Holiday Appeal or to special funds, or to those of you who will be donating soon:


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