Being Busy as Bees Makes for a Sweet Year

by Roselyn Allen, August 28, 2019

As I return from my vacation in Cape Breton to visit my family, I consider the transition from not only a week of no work, but the quiet, laid back place in which I was raised. I think about the busy life in Mississauga to which I return, just this week getting my kids back to university, college and high school and running them to last minute appointments, starting back to my regular schedule of employment after covering for holidays during the summer, and of course, getting back to the hive of activity at Solel.

With Interfaith Peace Camp just over, we are now ready for Bet Sefer Solel to begin for our youngest members. The synagogue is readying itself for the new year, with new AV equipment, carpets being cleaned, incoming membership commitments for outgoing high holiday tickets and the Religious Committee and Rabbi Pollack finalizing plans for services.

It seems to me that Solel takes time to renew itself during the summer with staff on vacation and off to Camp George, minimizing minyan and Shabbat services but, as the human body has rest cycles, so does the synagogue. It doesn’t mean we were completely asleep. Progress was made in renovation and fundraising efforts, updates in the office, and planning for the year, etc.

In June, as we met to go over the Solel Calendar to discuss different events amongst the various committees, what struck me most was how busy our schedule quickly became. Though we are a small congregation, Solel has a lot going on! There are never 2 days in a row without an event. We truly do live up to our mandate as “a dynamic progressive hub of Reform Judaism west of Toronto.”

And what drives us to be so busy, to engage with our fellow Jews of all backgrounds, to reach out to our fellow community members here in Peel and Halton? in our morning prayers we say:


We praise You, our Eternal God, whose presence fills creation. You bring
us holiness through MITZVOT and command us to engage in the study of

La’asok – to engage, to be busy with. This is certainly a word that describes our congregation as we emerge from our rest, ready for a new season of worship and activity.

And as we look forward to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I am reminded of that busiest of insects, the bee – who gives us honey. May you engage in the mitzvot of being with your fellow Jews here at Solel, during this season and beyond – be busy as bees with us, bringing to Solel a sweet and fulfilling year.

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