A Bucket List of Giving

by Robbin Botnick, December 27, 2018

As we close out the Gregorian calendar and look forward to a new year many of us set goals for ourselves. As we grow older, we may become more focused on our bucket lists, things that we want to do in our lifetimes. It may contain places you want to travel to or adventures to take or this year I would encourage you to think about a bucket list of giving. What acts of tzedakah are on your bucket list? Perhaps you have considered building homes or wells in developing countries, or sponsoring a family or helping to feed the homeless or volunteering at your child’s school or a senior’s home? What can you do this year to make someone or many peoples’ lives a little better? I ended the year by volunteering at the Daily Bread Food Bank. The DBFB is entirely funded by donations, it is does not receive government funding and is run by a small staff and hundreds of volunteers. My team sorted over 7300 pounds of food, enough to feed 390 families, this may seem like a lot but as we were filling bags with onions and sorting through dry goods, I thought about the number of families that rely on the food bank and how much more we could be doing. Like many of you, I try to start the new year thinking about what I like doing and will continue to do, what I think I should start doing and what I should probably stop doing. Perhaps this will be the year that I focus on healthier eating, go back to the gym on a more regular basis, read more, spend more time with family and friends, reduce the time I spend playing Farm Heroes, stop eating junk food, and focus on using my time more effectively. One of things I would like to focus on is my Tzedakah Bucket List. There are many things that we can each add to our bucket list and as the New Year begins I encourage you to think about what you might put on yours.

There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Peel Region alone. Many not for profit organizations rely on volunteers to function and you can offer your time to support them. Financially your dollars can help a family resettle in Canada, or help researchers get closer to a cure for cancer or feed a hungry child. Many boards look for volunteers, including Pathway, which is currently seeking board representation. Closer to Solel you can volunteer your time at Bet Sefer or on our Board or participate on one of our many committees. You can make contributions to our various funds in support of our Solel community.

On my bucket list this year I would like to talk to Ted about how to volunteer for the Olympics. Spend 4 hours a month supporting the food bank; volunteer for another Habitat for Humanity Build day; start a fund to improve the education of children in developing countries and I would like to continue to support our Solel community. Often times we have great intentions but are not always able to follow through, however, doing even a little bit more will make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

My challenge to each of you is to build your own Tzedakah Bucket List and see what you can accomplish this year.


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