Taking Care of Each Other

by Joel Brown, April 27, 2016

There are a lot of different reasons why we come together as a Jewish community. We come to be part of the millennia old traditions of our ancestors. We come together for spiritual fulfilment and to connect with the Divine. We come to learn and to do our part in mending the world. Whatever your own personal reasons for being a part of our extended Jewish family, one thing that we all share is that we are here together, not as individuals, but as a community.

As members of a community, we are there for each other, celebrating all of life’s joys, providing support through life’s challenges, and being there to offer friendship. Taking care of each other is at the core of who we are. When a member of our community needs support, often the first group to jump into action is our Mitzvah Committee. This dedicated group of Solelniks makes sure that members of our community who need extra care or support get whatever help they need.

Solel has many groups of volunteers doing great and important work for our community, and Mitzvah Committee is as close as any of these to doing the work that makes us who we are as a Jewish community. Taking care of each other is what we are all about. Many of the people who do this important work have been at it for many years, some for many decades. It is very rewarding work, building and nourishing the connections that truly make us a community.

Mitzvah Committee volunteers call and visit people who are feeling isolated or unwell. They convey congratulations on happy occasions and support and condolences at times of trouble and loss. Sometimes a little thing like a call or a visit, or a gift of a little plant can really brighten someone’s day. Anyone can help in doing the good work of the Mitzvah Committee. There is no minimum time commitment, and you don’t even need to go to meetings, if that isn’t your thing. If you have a little spare time and would like to help to strengthen the fabric of our community by showing someone that you care, then please consider contributing to the work of Mitzvah Committee. We will always be strong as long as we take care of each other.

To find out how you can help, contact Bram Pagrach, Marlene Tash or the Solel office.

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