The Promise of New Beginnings

by Joel Brown, April 1, 2015

Spring is upon us, at least according to the calendar, and even though we haven’t yet had enough warm sunshine to make us forget the bitter cold of this past winter, there is still a lot of cause for optimism for what lies ahead. Early in April we will be celebrating Pesach. If you haven’t before, I encourage you to join us for Solel’s community seder on the second night (Saturday, April 4). One of the great hallmarks of Judaism is how much of our spiritual life is based at home, around our dinner tables. We have a great opportunity to expand on this wonderful experience by sharing it with each other as a community. What could be better than to share the joy of our heritage with our broader Jewish family at Solel, our shared Jewish home?

Along with the renewal that comes with spring, we at Solel have a lot more to look forward to. Our transition year will soon be over and our new spiritual leader, Rabbi Audrey Pollack and her family will be joining us very soon (July 1). We have also (very nearly) reached the end of our roof replacement project. I’m very glad to say that this much needed investment will ensure that our building is dry, safe and comfortable for many years to come. The new roof is even better than the original and will last for even longer. I want to thank everyone who made a generous contribution to Solel’s “Raise the Roof Campaign”. If you haven’t yet, then there is still time! We also want to say a special thank you to the many volunteers who made our “Raise the Roof with Music” celebration such a great success!

Another one of our spring rituals is the Solel Annual General Meeting. Our AGM is only a month away: Monday, May 4, 2015 – Mark your calendars! Apart from being a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company on a weeknight, it’s also a great opportunity to engage directly with fellow Solelniks in shaping the future of our community. Now, more than ever, it’s important for every member to take part in fulfilling the promise of the new beginnings which await us.

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