Let’s “schep nachos”

by Arliene Botnick, May 30, 2019

As we reach the end of our school year, we can only “qvell” with pride as we see the amazing and dedicated students of Bet Sefer Solel become our service leaders with skill and aplomb.

In one weekend, we were awed by the superb Friday night service of our 9/10-year old’s in their ‘I Can Read Ivrit’ service. With pride and enthusiasm, they shared the bimah with our Rabbi, chanting the Reader’s Kaddish, joining her, conducting the service, leading us in song with their music teacher, Ron Miller, sharing the significance of their names as they held up their beautiful stained-glass Hebrew Name Plates. Their teachers, Julia Botnick, Susan and Lindsay Wilson, Logan Smith, Richard and Ross Beer worked hard and filled them with confidence. Prior to the service, the children, their families and several other members of our community (almost 70 in total) had attended a lovely Shabbat dinner, our Solel Kehillah.

The very next morning, we celebrated the graduation of our Kallah class. Once again, these young teens led an exceptional service, reading their thoughtful meditations and showing us their pride in being an integral part of our Jewish community. Their Teachers, the Rabbi, Brad Bass and I are so proud of their service competency.

Each student received his/her graduation diploma as well as the unique Kallah graduation pendant. The service was followed by the scrumptious lunch sponsored by our hard working, most supportive Education Committee.

What an unbelievable and positive weekend for Bet Sefer Solel. Once again, we must be thankful for all who support and nurture our kids and their Jewish learning, and who enable the celebrations at Solel to be filled with “ruach” – spirit!

Our thanks to our Education Committee and its Co-Chairs, Kim Mayne and Richard Beer, whose support is unwavering, to our certificate printer, Lawry Simon, our poster creator, Aviva Tamari, our pendant chain donator and gift wrapper, Marlene Weaver, our Sisterhood, to our parents who support us and their kids, helping set-up and clean up in the social hall under the direction of Patti Brice, to Ron Miller who adds so much to the kids music performance, to Eleanor Stoch who makes the challahs we all love and crave, to Julia Botnick whose Kugels are renowned, to our Rabbi, whose love for our kids shines through as she stands on the bimah with them at her side.

We are blessed and we hopefully can continue to teach, to learn, to celebrate together, and see this young generation grow to become our future leaders.

So, let’s all “schep nachos” and qvell! Have a great summer!


I’m not sure if this is allowed, but as the typist for this article, I would like to include the most important person to share “nachos” with, and that would be Arliene, without whom, none of the above could happen!!

– Arliene’s typist

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