Kuddle Up Shabbat is for Everyone

by Arliene Botnick, January 31, 2018

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Shakespeare understood names can vary but the essence of anything is always its essence.

Now, taking some poetic license, may I suggest that the essence Kuddle-Up Shabbat, or as it once was called, Tot Shabbat, and before that Family Shabbat, is, at its core, simply Community Shabbat Involvement. It is a Shabbat for all Solelniks – grandparents, parents, children, teens, tots, singles, young or old, married, with or without children. It is a time to enjoy and celebrate a delightful, meaningful, musical Shabbat with the entire Solel Community. It is not exclusively for little ones, although we make a special effort to shorten the service and involve them on the bimah more. It is not a service that should exclude children or teens – we can ask them to read and take leadership parts in the service. It is not a service that adults should avoid if they have no youngsters to bring, because nothing is more rewarding and a better way to schep nachas than by seeing our next generation of Jews; our little people involved in and participating in a service.

It is a 7PM service that is preceded by a 6:15 community Shabbat dinner, which you can choose to attend (or not) but it’s great to have the opportunity not to have to rush home and cook dinner first. The pasta dinner is provided at a minimal cost and you, our congregants bring the salads or desserts.

If families come early (5:45), we keep the children involved with a small arts and crafts project – this past week they decorated pots and planted flowers for Tu B’Shevat.

So, we’d like you to try out our Kuddle-Up/Tot/Family Shabbat. No matter what we name it, it is for all of us to pray together, join together, sing together, talk together and dine together once a month on a Friday evening.

Our next Kuddle-Up/Tot/Family Shabbat is not until April 27 – mark it on your calendars! No matter what we name it, just as the rose by any other name, it is a “sweet” evening.

Love to see you join us!


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