Connecting with Israel

by Arliene Botnick, May 21, 2015

Some are going to Israel – 6 of our young adults have been accepted on this year’s Birthright trip.  Some have been – about 20 and we continue to offer this wonderful opportunity to our 18-26 year olds.


Solel Kids in Jerusalem


But not all will be able to visit Israel.  So what are the next best options?  I’d like to suggest two very recent occasions where I saw an amazing opportunity for Solelniks to feel that deep attachment to our homeland.

The first was the annual mock “Israel trip” planned and organized by our grade 2 Bet Sefer Solel class.  These 7 year olds came to school dressed for their trip, they boarded their “flight”, were served Israeli food, met some “sabras”, haggled at a Shuk, visited all the points of interest and came home at 12:30 (end of school) excited and hyped about our homeland.  Many of the children are still talking about their memorable “morning” in Israel.

The next connection to Israel was reaffirmed and strengthened on the Annual UJA Walk-A-Thon, where we joined some 10,000 other walkers waving Canadian & Israeli flags as we raised money for many worthy Jewish causes.  Bet Sefer Solel receives a generous grant from the UJA and we raised – as walkers, over $700.  But, as important as the fundraising is, the outstanding feature of the Walk is to be surrounded by 10,000 Jews, openly proud of their identity and their heritage and their homeland.  Next year, I hope even more Solelniks will join us on this walk. The “ruach” is infectious, the company terrific, and the affirmation of identity invaluable!

Have a great summer. School resumes Sunday, Sept. 20th at 9:30 am !!!!!!

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