Outreach Project with Extendicare

by Solel Announcements, April 30, 2020

At the last Solel Board Meeting, a small committee undertook a project to reach out to the community of Mississauga. Prior to Covid-19, some of our Bet Sefer youth visited seniors at the Extendicare in Mississauga on a weekly basis. The committee decided to reach out to them to maintain this connection. Solel’s Outreach Project has undertaken the following:

  1. Masks: Fortunately, Extendicare has not been affected by Covid-19, however they are still in need of PPEs and would gratefully accept masks.
  2. Food Baskets: We are preparing baskets of snacks for staff as they do not have enough time for proper breaks. Individually wrapped snacks are great to grab-and-go! E.g., granola bars, Dad’s (or other) Cookies, candies or chocolates, juice boxes and pop cans, other healthy snacks such as packaged nuts, puddings, etc.
  3. Cards: We will be preparing Thank You cards and posters for the staff as well as Mother’s Day cards for residents as these would all be greatly appreciated. Members of the committee have already undertaken to make some cards and we are beginning to enlist some Bet Sefer students.
  4. Pinwheels: The Program Director told us since residents cannot go outside now, staff make outdoor pinwheel gardens. Residents walk or are wheeled to windows where they can see the displays that are made. The committee have already purchased pinwheels which will be provided to Extendicare.

How Can You Help?

You can help by making masks … we already have 150+ masks, but additional masks or fabric / elastic (if you can’t sew masks) are welcome!

You can pick up extra snacks for baskets when you’re doing your own shopping!

You and your family can make cards and pinwheels (there are great ideas online)!

Other Ways to Help

We also appreciate you helping with driving, joining our team and by making small financial contributions to this important outreach project.

We hope this project will be meaningful for the Extendicare staff and residents and will keep Solel in touch with seniors and health care workers in our community. If you would like to give money to the program, please consider making an e-transfer to books@solelweb.azurewebsites.net using the security word “outreach”. Or contact us at books@solelweb.azurewebsites.net for more information.

Thank you.
Pam, Emma, Rita

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