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The Israeli Soundscape since October 7th

A series of four lectures on Zoom

Dear friends, I’m pleased to announce that I am offering an online course that I hope will give some insight into the emotional and cultural experiences we’ve been having over the last few months. The ever-present sounds in our ears – sirens and booms, aircraft overhead, news broadcasts, the resurgence of classic memorial songs, and the outpouring of new music expressing the hopes and fears of the moment – keep the war in the constant forefront of our lives. Join me in exploring what the soundscape can teach us about Israeli society since October 7th.

Lecture 1: Sound, Noise, and Silence

What do sound and silence communicate in time of war? Different types of sounds tell us how to act and what to feel and depend on insider cultural knowledge. In this class, we will explore the various information and symbolic meanings embedded in the Israeli soundscape during wartime.

Lecture 2: Israeli Listening Practices

Israel has a strong history of cultural consolidation around listening to the radio. In this class, we will examine changes in what Israelis listen to on the radio, YouTube, and Spotify before and after October 7 and what this tells us about how wartime affects cultural consumption.

Lecture 3: Music and Hamas

What can we learn about jihad from its music and, conversely, what can we learn about what music can do from this extreme case? In this class we will discuss the role of cultural production in radical Islamic groups and evidence of Hamas’ use of music on and relating to October 7.

Lecture 4: New Israeli Music and the Heritage of Memorial Songs

Almost immediately after October 7, Israeli musicians started writing and releasing new songs about the war, and celebrities have mobilized en masse to perform at funerals, weddings, and for combat soldiers on the front lines. In this class, we will listen to what Israeli producers of popular music have been up to in the last half a year and how this activity falls into the history of Israeli memorial songs.

*Sponsored by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Institute for External Studies

Thursdays at 1 pm EST (6 pm London / 8 pm Israel)
June 13, June 20, July 4, July 11

Each class is 1.5 hours. $60 CAD / $45 USD

*The Zoom link will be sent by email close to the start date of the course.

*The lecture recordings will be available to the course participants.

To register for the course, please complete the form at the following link and we will get in touch with you.

URJ Teen Israel Organizing Programs

Are you interested or concerned in what’s happening right now in Israel? Have you had trouble finding safe spaces to explore your thoughts and questions around Israel and all that has happened since October 7th?   

If you want to deepen your knowledge of and engagement with Israel…

Apply to the URJ Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship or Immersive TODAY

Here’s what you’ll gain from participating in a Teen Israel Organizing program:  

  • Learn about current events, social justice, and culture in Israel and how to organize around Israel in your community. 
  • Join a community of Israel-engaged teens from across North America with diverse views, passions, and interests. 
  • Develop the tools you need to work for positive social change around Israel and in general.  
  • Lead a conversation about Israel and complete an Israel-related organizing project in your community.  
  • Earn community service hours.  

What are current Teen Israel Organizing fellows doing?  

  • Convening empathetic dialogues about Israel and the war with their friends from synagogue and school.  
  • Building alliances between Jewish and non-Jewish communities.   
  • Lobbying their state governments and school boards to increase education around Israel, the Holocaust, and Jewish history.  
  • Combatting misinformation online and in their communities.  
  • Aiding and fundraising for people affected by the war. 
  • Creating original documentaries and musical compositions inspired by Israel and the war.  
  • Interviewing journalists and thought leaders on Israel. 
  • Writing in publications like the Chicago Tribune about their experiences in the Teen Israel Organizing programs.  

View some pictures from recent Teen Israel Organizing programs!

You can be a Teen Israel Organizing fellow too! We currently offer two programs:  

URJ Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship Sem

Fellows receive a $15,000 scholarship to attend Heller High!  

URJ Teen Israel Organizing Immersive (US-Based)

 October 18-21, 2024: Opening seminar at the Collab, October 18-21, 2024  

November – February 2025: Virtual meetings  

Apply NOW and receive a full scholarship to the URJ Collab in October. 
Interested?  Take these next steps: 

  • Apply or recommend someone for the Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship at Heller High.  
  • Apply or recommend someone for the U.S.-based Teen Israel Organizing Immersive.  
  • Learn more about the Teen Israel Organizing programs by visiting our website.  
  • Questions? Reach out to Bryan Oren, Director of Youth Organizing – Israel, at
  • Forward this email to share this opportunity with others.  

Admissions for the Teen Israel Organizing programs are rolling and space is limited, so apply as soon as possible!   

Canadian Federation of University Women

The Mississauga Club of Canadian Federation of University Women is now holding in-person General Meetings once a month at Solel. These meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month except for January, June, July and August. This year we are meeting at 1:30 p.m. We have time to socialize and have interesting speakers on various educational, cultural and social issues. Our Club offers programmes and quite a variety of interest groups. Come check us out as a guest anytime. More information about our Club can be found at Feel free to contact Diane Adler at 416-275-0748 if you have any questions.

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